Short Stories

I started writing short stories several years ago. You can read a few of them from the Short Stories menu or the links below. Here’s a quick summary of them:

The Dictionary
Through her own eyes, this story is a day in the life of Helen, a young girl growing up on a rural Ohio farm in the 1920s. Her parents are immigrants from Romania. They have food but no money and there are only two books in the house. One of them is a dictionary.

A Day Is The Life of Charlie O’Malley
A father grows old as he watches his infant son Charlie grow up to become a boy, a man, and even a father . . . all in the span of a single day.

Guilty Conscience
Lewis Mueller has a conflict with his business partner, but he can’t remember exactly what happened. When he gets home and lets the dogs out in the back yard, a somehow familiar face appears in an upstairs window . . . but no one is supposed to be at home.